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China and India established diplomatic relations on April 1, 1950. India was the second country to establish diplomatic relations with China among the non-socialist countries. In 1954, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and Indian Prime Minister Nehru exchanged visits and jointly initiated the famous Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi's visit to China in December1988, facilitated a warming trend in relations

Recently Chinese premier Wen Jiabao visited India, where he said that India and China must take their trade to $30 billion level by 2010


  • China and India established diplomatic relationships on 1 st April 1950 . In 1984, the two sides signed the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) Agreement. In 1994 the two countries signed agreements on avoiding double taxation . Agreements for cooperation on health and medical science, MOUs on simplifying the procedure for visa application and on banking cooperation between the two countries have also been signed. Bilateral trade with China during 2004 has crossed the $ 10 billion mark.


  • The Tourism friendship year signifying the cordial relationship between China and India was celebrated with great zeal and zest from September 17th to 27th September. A fifteen member delegation of Hotel Management students and Faculty members were selected on merit basis from both the Nations for an exchange visit program. Student delegation from India comprised of National Council toppers from Institutes of Hotel Management including IHM Mumbai, Chandigarh and Delhi PUSA.

7th round of Indo-China border talks in FEB

  • India and China have agreed to move ahead pro-actively on outstanding issues between them and reached on a 'important consensus' on resolving the vexed border problem for which their Special Representatives will hold the next round of talks in late February, in India.


India-China relations has a long history, which was seen both ups & downs during these last 6 decades. The relations between late 50's & early 80's were sour due to circumstances leading to the war of 1962, which led to a serious setback in bilateral relations. Nevertheless, India & China restored ambassadorial relations in 1976. In this backdrop it is essential to know the various to and fro visit of the premiers & other high level dignitaries of both the countries. In 1979, the then External Affairs Minister

Atal Bihari Vajpayee made a path-breaking visit to China, which lead to the renewal of contacts at the highest political level after two decades.
  • Chinese Foriegn Minsiter Huang Hua made a return visit to India in 1981.

  • the visit of PM Rajiv Gandhi to China in December 1988 was a landmark in India-China relations.

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